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Petillant Rosé Nobra 2020

Petillant Rosé Nobra 2020


Region: Vines in  Chavagnes, Anjou, Loire (Julie & Toby Bainbridge)


Grape variety: 100 % Grolleau gris


Alcohol: 11,5%


Age vines:  20-30 years


Soil:   Sand, Argile


Certification:   Organic


Vinification method:  This wine is a petillant naturel. This means that there is no refermentation  or second fermentation in the bottle, like a methode traditionelle. With this method we bottle the wine during the alcoholic fermentation when there is in around 13 grams of residual sugar left. So the fermentation continues in the bottle.


Handpicked. Vinified in Noizay. The wine ferments in tank and continues in bottle. Non degorgé.


Notes: Refreshing light fizzy wine full of red fruit to enjoy with some sunshine!


€1 per bottle will be donated to Femme Solidaire in Angers. They help woman who are victime of violence and abuse. This is a commune project with Julie Bainbridge in Anjou, who made her rosé petnat 'Girl on fire'. 

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    Livraison en France



    1- 6 bouteilles = €15

    7 > bouteilles = € 25

    Prix incl TVA

14,00 €Prix
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